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For the map above, the red bubbles are the best Salmon holes, and the arrows pointing to riffles are the best steelhead areas!!!!!

 Salmon Fishing Report season opens on  mid July 16th 2018  until mid Dec. 

 With the  July 16 salmon opener on the  Sacramento River just a few  days away, anglers are optimistic about this year’s king  run as ocean fishing remains  wide open outside the  Golden Gate.
“I'm predicting it should be  good,” said longtime  guide Robert Weese of Northern  California Guide Service. “I am  going to start in Red Bluff like  usually do. I have been trout  fishing and have been seeing  salmon iumping. The season  was closed off a month or two in  the ocean and that may have alowed more fish to escape into  the river.”  
 Since the salmon opener out  of San Francisco and Bodega  Bay, fishing has been wide-open  in the ocean for kings, with  party boats catching quick lim-  its on a daily basis. Guides and  other anglers hope that trans-  lates into good fishing in the  rivers this year  
When the Sacramento  opens below Red Bluff on July  16, Weese said he will be running T50 and T55 Flatfish with  sardine wraps in the mornings  and then switch over to salmon eggs later in the day. Trolling with flatfish lures is better that anchoring this time of year because the fish are more scattered.

Fall 2018 - Late year fishing on the Sacramento River  between Anderson and Chico is decent for the fresh looking silver King Salmon reports local sources. Flatfish plugs with sardine wraps seem to be working but alternate to roe if things get slow. The Bend to the Barge Hole is the best choice right now. Read the rest of our blog about how to fish the Sacramento River for Salmon and reference our fishing map for more information.
 Sacramento River  offers world-class  in the Red  Bluff area some of the finest  river salmon angling in the West.
Chinook  salmon in the Sacramento River starts  July and peaks in August in the beautiful, bountiful stream, while the fall run peaks  October,  logic would dictate even September is a  excellent mid way time for the great  Chinook fishery on the Sacramento.  The winter run peaks in December.
Best spots are in our fishing map, a good thing, since the Sacramento is a huge and intimidating
Generally salmon fishing from the Delta up to Sacramento, fishing is okay on American River, Knights Landing, Grimes, Colusa and even all the way up to Chico..  But fishing is spotty as the fish are in a hurry to get to the spawning grounds upstream. 

CHINOOK SALMON are fished using  roe and back trolling Kwikfish or flatfish wrapped in sardines. The Sacramento  River produces, an average  salmon 16-22 pounds,  but 30 pounders   are common and sometimes  40!.  
The best salmon fishing in the Sacramento River can be found upriver from Los Molinos to Anderson.  Fishing is fair at best above Anderson,  mainly because of a lack of good  Chinook holes and the fact that Kes wick Dam is the  end of the line. Access starts  at Los Molinos, off Tehama-Vina road, east  of Highway 99 East.
Upstream, try the Salmon Hole, Car  Body Hole and Salt Creek Hole. Action is good from Dairyville north to  Bend, especially in the Pigeon Hole  and Soapies Hole. Salmon pile up below the Red Bluff Diversion Dam,  at least during high flows.  when it‘s often difficult for them to get to the fish ladder and continue their  migration upstream. 
Flow  at Keswick Dam to be at 8,000 cfs is ideal  because there's simply  less water to cover and  to hold  the boat against the current.  In the Bend area, try the  Seven-Mile Hole and Paynes Creek  Hole for best results
After launching at one of the  resorts, head downstream about 2 1/2 miles down-  stream to the Lower California Hole, it's worth a shot, as most head to the Barge Hole where  it’s  heavily fished but just downstream from the Barge  Hole is the Old Mouth of Battle Creek this hole is a  close second to the Barge Hole.
And  the best salmon fishing  below the Old Mouth of Battle Creek ? Under the Jelly’s  Ferry Bridge. Then move  downstream just 75 yards and fish  the Jelly’s Hole.  T-55 and M-2  Flat-  fish and sardine wrappers

 Barge Hole typical outing is described here: 

Launch at Ball’s Ferry Resort, on downstream to the Barge Hole.  6-foot  rods equipped with  wind reels, 25pound test line with 8-ounce weights, No. 2 treble hooks, salmon roe. Keep the boat bow pointed upstream and back troll against  current, just fast to keep the boat in place to back bounce our  along the bottom.  You must be able  to get your weight hitting the rocks down deep.

 Anglers can  also launch at  Rooster’s Landing, depending  on which side of river you come from.  

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